February 26, 2014


Yaaay!Finally,finally,finally!Isn't it the most comfortable bag in the world?
I first saw this bag on tumblr (of course). Small but ample. 
Hard, rough cloth. Two types of handles. 5 built-in pockets. What can I say, I fell in love with "Selma". Sooo when my parents went to abroad I asked them different delicacies (post below) and this bag. Oh,it's a long story ....Parents had to go separately in Munich. Eventually they found a huge store "Michael Kors" where was this bag :D But it's not the end. There was only dark blue, light beige and white bags . Then dad started calling me and asking what color I want more.I called back to him 100 times :D I chose a dark blue. It's even better than the black.Anyway/Here are some photos:

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